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The Subtle Art Of Painting Your Home.


Have you ever had that spontaneous thought of changing the appearance of your home but soon realized that you it will be time-consuming and this epiphany of yours just fades away.

Let’s all be honest here, its true. Remodeling takes time, and more often than not, it will cause a big dent to the bank account and most people don't have the patience for landscaping because it takes time to grow properly. But is there a way I can alter my home with next to no effort? There is an answer to this; It's called house painting! There is no better alternative than splashing on a new coat of paint to regain your homes youthful appearance back.


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Before you deide to go crazy and start throwing paint all over your house, we have some tips and advice on where to start.


Tools needed.

To the average person who has never picked up a paintbrush in his/her life, we should start from the beginning: Tools. There are people who spend weeks, even months, fussing over “the perfect colour” for their living room, but there is no point if you don't have the tools required to apply the paint.


When the time comes around, you have 3 options;


-       Paintbrushes

-       Paint rollers

-       Airless sprayers


So let's start with the brushes. When it comes to brush selections, it all comes down to one's budget. The more expensive brushes are “natural bristle”, which are made from animal hair. The other kind is synthetic bristle which is cheaper and made from nylon.

-       The first type of brush would be a wall brush. This spreads over the most surface. A  four inch wall brush is always a good choice.


-       The next brush type is called a trim brush, which is perfect for woodwork and getting to those hard-to-get areas around windows. A good option would be to use a 2 inch.


Now for the rollers. This could be somewhat self explanatory. Paint rollers are excellent for large flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings and it will get the job done in half the time that it would take you to do the same job with a brush. These are often bundled with a tray that you will hold your choice of paint.


If you are looking for the most effective way to get the job done. Airless sprayers are the way to go. They are a lot bigger, heavier and harder to use but if you're looking to get the job done in the quickest amount of time possible, you can’t go wrong here. One of the downsides of airless sprayers is that it requires careful cleaning of all the components before the paint dries. But nonetheless, they are still one of the better options to use.


How to paint safely

Besides falling off a ladder or even some scaffolding, painting doesn’t seem that dangerous at all, but the paint itself can actually be hazardous to an individual's health.


-       Any paint that has been water-thinned or solvent-thinned are actually poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Most paints that do contain these ingredients will have remedies on the back of the cans.

-       Toxic paint chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, so it's a good idea to wash the paint off your body as soon as possible.

-       If you are painting above your head, it's always a good idea to wear goggles to protect your eyes from any unwanted drops of paint going into your eyes.


Preparation is key

The last thing that you want is having to spend hours upon hours cleaning after the job is done or making a mistake due to bad preparation. Here is our advice to streamline this process.


When its comes to the painting, the prep time will take up half of the effort. Thus it's a good idea  to have knowledge on how to properly prepare.


-       over time nails come out of place, so it's a good idea that these get repaired or removed before the actual painting starts.

-       The older your house is, the higher chance  that your walls need to be scrapped before the painting starts. Maybe it's been a very long time since there was a previous coat put on the wall and the paint is starting to peel or crack. If confronted with a situation like this, scrape gently, then get the paint off the wall, then start to sand the surface of the wall for an even surface on the wall.

-       Masking surfaces is crucial if you are using two different paint colours because it's near impossible to keep a straight line without the colour mixing. Masking can also be useful if you don’t want paint to go in certain areas, and the masking tape will protect those areas. For example, in these situations, tapes is always necessary when you want to protect the trim around the doors, the windows or bookshelves.

-       Most of the older homes that you come across will often at most  have lath-and-plaster. Plaster is actually good and it's also visually appealing too, but there is only one downside. Its cracks, so it is imperative that before you start painting, you hide the cracks by using latex paint.

-       It's also a good idea to wash the exterior of your home before the process of painting starts, and this will provide a dirt free foundation for the new coating of paint that needs to be applied.


It also be a good idea to note that, the time of the year of the year is also a good thing to factor in, especially if you are planning on painting the exterior of your home, you will want to start the process during the period where there is relatively good weather and you won't face any delays in your house painting journey.


We choose correct interior/exterior paint for your dream home

When choosing the right colour paint for your house, the task can be quite overwhelming with the wide array of colours that are available and not to mention the types of paints there are for every specific purpose


Although there are many types for every possible surface, there is no such thing as an all-surface paint. The incorrect type of paint could lead to major damage to the surface and not react well that could lead to long term damage. For example, latex paints have engineered to withstand dirt, moisture and daily wear and tear. Another example would be to use high gloss paints because they contain a lot more “resin”. Resin is the ingredient that makes the paint the hard as it dries. Only after you have chosen the correct type of paint, then you have a multitude of colours you can choose from, and the end of the day, that comes down to personal preference.


A good option for exterior walls would be latex paints as they are easy to apply, they dry very quickly and they can also help with minimizing moisture problems because they can “breath”.


If you’re thinking about using chalking paint, you may want to be careful as it is not really recommended for every house. For example, in areas with little rainfall the powder tends to stick to the walls, thus dulling the look of the paint.



-       Work from top to bottom and left to right, this allows you to cover any drips or spills that could possibly happen.

-       It's also a good idea to follow the sun and plan your painting around the movements of the sun, you should work in the shade the entire day for the best results.


All in all, painting is a big job, one that will take a lot of effort to essentially do and a lot of preparation time beforehand, but it is just one of the tasks in our lives that we cannot avoid and it's just a matter of when it will happen. There are two options, either you can do the whole job yourself as we have stated or you can save yourself the headache and a lot of hours by just hiring Hytechexpert.com painters to do the job for you, we’d suggest probably going with the second option.Hytechexpert.com provide best quality. You can contact us 24/7. We are always ready to serve you.

















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