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How to find Ac Gas filling service in Delhi?

Have you ever faced a problem of not getting cool air from your AC? Are you aware of the situations when AC gas filling is required? Do you want to know simple ways to fill AC gas in your AC machine?

Let us admit one thing before we dive deep into the knowledge of AC gas filling. Gadgets of all sorts have made our lives comfortable in a way that living without them becomes impossible and intolerable at times. We constantly thrive to know some tricks to get our electrical appliances repaired in a short time without much effort. When it comes to AC gas filling, we might take back steps thinking the whole procedure to be complicated and risky. This is not true. With proper knowledge and equipment, you can easily take care of the AC gas filling of your AC at your home.

You would generally not require ac gas filling if you have never faced a problem of leakage. Sometimes lack of proper AC servicing can lead to a situation of AC gas filling. Although there are no specific reasons to fill gas in your AC, you might get a hunch of it if you face any of the problems mentioned below:

  • Your Electricity Bills are huge and you suspect that this could be due to your AC machine.
  • Your AC is not cooling rooms even if you are setting it at a low-temperature whole day.
  • There is a weird noise coming from the AC.
  • The air from the vent is warm.
  • The refrigerant or gas lines have accumulated ice.
  • There is a gas leakage which can be a result of incorrect installation or damaged parts of an AC.

Which gas is used in AC gas filling?

There has been a myth that an AC functions in a way that it takes the hot air out of a room and produces cool air to fill the room. This is not true. The cooling in an AC occurs due to the refrigerant present in it. Freon or R-22 is the name of the gas which was used in the old models of AC units. This non-flammable and colorless gas used to be also present in refrigerators and warehouses of cold storage. Although R-22, a chlorofluorocarbon in nature acts as a refrigerant for blowing cold air out of an AC, it has been found to have a negative effect on the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere badly. So the leaking of this gas has detrimental effects.

In spite of being aware of the harmful effects of this AC gas, Freon is still being used for older models of AC machines for AC gas filling. HFC-23 is another harmful gas that is being used as a substitute for Freon gas. Puron gas which is also known as R410A is being used nowadays for AC gas filling in current models. This AC gas is hydro-fluorocarbon and thus does not have any harmful effects on the ozone layer. R32 is also another AC gas. R410A is said to have a better performance record than other refrigerants with its ability to make the AC unit work for a longer period by cooling the temperature with less effort. If you have an old model AC, you can avail conversion kits to make your AC compatible with R420A. For this, you need to get in touch with your manufacturer. However, the conversion can be heavy on your pocket. Another alternative is to buy a new AC which is R410A compatible.

If you are not sure about which gas to use for AC gas filling, the best way to find out the name of the AC gas is to check the nameplate which is generally put on the outdoor unit. You can also get the information from the net by searching with the model name and number of your AC machine or even by calling up the manufacturer.

Let us now understand how the cooling is done by AC services with the help of a refrigerant. An AC comprises a compressor, evaporator coil and, condenser coil. The condenser coil is responsible for releasing cold air which eventually cools your room. As we switch the AC machine on, the compressor compresses the refrigerant. As the pressure rises, the gas turns extremely hot in the compressor. After this, the gas passes through the condenser coil and cools down to turn into its liquid form. The liquid is further cooled down and finally evaporates. This cold gas takes in the heat from the outside air and cools the air inside a room. So now you can understand how important AC Gas filling is for an AC to cool your room or office effectively.

AC Gas Filling Procedure is simple and easy to follow

AC gas filling can be done by anyone as it is not a difficult task but you need to take some safety measures during the process. Before you start the procedure for AC gas filling, you need to do clean up the dirt by cleaning the air filter of your AC.

You would also require some essential equipment for ac gas filling.

Gas Refilling Equipment needed:

• Vacuum Pump- A vacuum pump is needed to take out the air from the AC machine to make the compressor dry as there is a high chance of damage to the compressor if there is any moisture in the machine.

• AC Manifold Gauge – This vital equipment is required for checking the pressure, detecting any leakage and filling AC gas. An AC manifold gauge has three hoses of different colors- red, blue and yellow. It has a blue pressure dial attached to the blue hose on the left side and red pressure dial attached to the red hose on the other side. Blue is for low pressure of the AC and red is for high pressure. The yellow hose is generally used for the process of AC gas refilling and removing air from the AC machine.

• Torx hex key – A Toex hex key is needed to loosen the screw inside the suction line.

• Refrigerant Gas Cylinder- This is the AC gas which goes inside the machine.

You must wear safety gloves to avoid any contact with the refrigerant and wear glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful gaseous effect of it.

You can use simple use some simple DIY steps for AC gas filling for your Split AC and Window AC.

How to refill gas in Split AC?

Step 1 - For AC gas filling for your split AC you need to first go to the outdoor unit of your AC. You need to look for two lines here, the suction line and the discharge line. These are located on the side of the outdoor unit. The discharge line which is always warm can be found below the suction line. The suction line always remains cool and an AC gas refill is done through this line only.

Step 2- The next step is to loosen the screws inside the suction line to let the AC gas flow inside it. For this, you need to remove the bolt of the suction line and loosen the screw with the help of a Torx hex key.

Step 3 – Now you need to take the AC manifold gauge and attach its blue hose to connect it to the port on the left side by removing the bolt. At the same time take the vacuum pump and attach it to the yellow hose of the AC manifold gauge.

Step 4 – Now take out all the air present inside the machine with the help of the vacuum pump. AC gas filling can be successful only if there is no moisture present inside the AC machine.

Step 5 – Then close the valves of the AC machine gauge.

Step 6 – Next, connect the yellow hose to the gas cylinder. Make sure to make the yellow hose connection a little loose on the manifold side before tightening it. Open the cylinder knob for a second and close it immediately. This is to make sure no air is present inside the pipes.

Step 7 – After step 6, open the blue side knob for a few seconds and close it.

Step 8- Now turn the AC on. Wait for the compressor to start. The moment you hear the noise of the compressor, open the valve of blue pressure dial for 4 seconds and close it for 2 seconds. Continue with the opening and closing of the valve till you see the pressure between 60 to 70 PSI.

Step 9- Close the manifold valve and gas cylinder knob.

Step 10- Disassociate the blue hose and yellow hose from their respective joints.

Congratulation!!! You have completed the procedure for AC Gas Filling for your split AC.

How to refill window ac gas?

You need to follow the same procedure for AC Gas refill for a window AC. The only difference is the location of the suction line and discharge line. These are located at the back of a Window AC.

Some important things to remember during AC gas filling:

AC gas filling should be done slowly. You cannot fill the gas all at once. This is because if you fill the gas at a high speed, there is a high possibility of the compressor to get damaged.

If you are not sure whether you need AC gas filling for your AC, it is always best to get your AC checked by a professional. Hot air blowing from your AC does not necessarily mean you need AC gas refill it could be also due to the non-function of a filter or thermostat.

AC gas filling services are also available in most of the localities in every country. You can either get it done by your AC company or a local AC repair service.

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