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Sofa Cleaning Service

PRICE : starting from per seat Rs 299.

Sofas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and type of upholstery. Sofa Cleaning Delhi NCR But no matter
how much you try to keep your sofa spotless and stain-proof, you can never win the battle against dust and mites that are brought in by your guests
or family members. Sofa cleaning in noida.
Do not use the sofa for 2-3 hours after the clean-up.
Allow it to dry completely
(Minimum Order Value: Rs1099)

A lot of homeowners like fabric upholstered sofas because of the limitless choice that can suit every taste and budget. But the fabric is a magnet for dirt and grime. Sofa cleaning in ghaziabad.

The best way to protect it is to take preventive measures. You can spray soil and stain repellants, cover it with antimacassars, throws or loose covers to at least minimize the dirt and damage. You should also run the vacuum over it at least once a week, more if it’s a high-traffic seater. Every now and then, rearrange and swap your furniture around so as to distribute the wear. Sofa cleaning delhi

These steps, however, are not foolproof. Eventually, your sofa will need cleaning. Sofa cleaning in patna.
Check the care label on your sofa before starting to clean. If it has one, then follow the instructions carefully. But if there is none, you need to do some quick research as to how to clean it. For delicate fabrics, you may need to dry-clean it. You might need help with this because if you apply moisture to these fabrics, it might shrink or bleed. Proceed with caution.

3 Sofa seats
Rs. 799
Dry Vaccuming and shampooing using
professional grade cleaning solution

5 Sofa seats
Rs. 1099
Dry Vaccuming and shampooing using
professional grade cleaning solution

7 Sofa seats
Rs. 1,499
Dry Vaccuming and shampooing using
professional grade cleaning solution



1.5 lakhs+







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