Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Service

PRICE : per kitchen Rs 1199.

Clean kitchens promote good work practices by the kitchen staff. Kitchen Cleaning. Customers who can ‘see’ their food being prepared will expect the clean and hygienic kitchen Cleaning Delhi.
A spotless kitchen will give your business a higher ‘scores on the doors’ and hygienic score. Kitchen Cleaning in Noida.

Regular cleaning of kitchen ducts and fans will increase their life. A clean kitchen extract system will improve airflow and keep the kitchen cooler. Kitchen Cleaning Ghaziabad.
With all these benefits and a competitive quotation we can help your business stay compliant and your customers and staff happy.

The most important element of your deep clean is to ensure that the extract duct system is cleaned and certificated. The duct system must be cleaned from the canopy right through to the extract point which may be on the outside wall or roof.

Your system will be cleaned by hand and as such, we need physical access into the duct itself, some systems may already have access panels fitted which are square panels with fixings which can be removed to allow entry. These panels should be around 2.5m apart to allow our technicians the optimum reach inside the duct, and we are happy and able to source and fit these panels as part of our service.