WELCOME TO Hytech Expert Services

The best service provider: We are providing all the house hold , commercial maintenance service in Delhi / NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand & Kolkata.

Hytech Expert Services is one of the leading Service Provider Company in Maintenance & Repair work. Gowell is our commitment to bring expertise, professionalism, smart service and trust to the home repair service and maintenance business. We are happy to provide services to solve all your domestic Maintenance & repairing needs and household requirement with our 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Values


The safety of our employees, customers, and the environment is always our first priority. As certified pesticide applicators, we take this responsibility seriously.


We operate with honesty and integrity at all times, in all situations PERIOD. We apply the “Four-way Test” to everything we say and do: 1) Is it TRUE, 2) Is it Fair to all concerned, 3) Will it build goodwill and better friendships/relationships, and 4) Will it be beneficial to all involved.


You can expect the highest level of professionalism from all PEST ACT employees at all times. Whether you’re a customer, supplier, competitor, or neighbour, Pest Act employees will always be respectful, well-mannered and timely. We pride ourselves on providing results-driven, exceptional service to our customers.


We strive to be on the forefront of new technologies, techniques, and products that will enable us to deliver our services in a more efficient manner. The more we know about pests, the more effective and successful we’ll be at managing your pest-related problems.


We are fortunate to live and work in wonderful communities in India. We support those communities where we operate in a variety of ways both as a company and as individuals.


Our Features

  • Reliable
  • 100 % customer satisfaction
  • Time commitment
  • Quality of work
  • Services at our finger tips
  • Services utilities under one roof

Our Vision

To provide customers with home repair service expertise that delights them and become their best-handy-friend.