Food Safety

World food trade is valued to be around $300-400 billion. With the demand for food rising to meet the ever growing world population, food safety is becoming, even more, important. Why food safety has such an important role in the manufacturing process is to ensure the products delivered to consumers do not interfere with a person’s health.

Automotive Rodents

Unexpected passengers of the gnawing kind… rodents, in particular mice are more than happy to sneak into our homes, sheds, outbuildings and even our garages. But have you ever thought that they might be just as happy to sneak into our vehicles and set up home.

Mice in the house nibble in the kitchen

Mice can be a common problem in kitchens, as they are attracted by the abundance of food, warmth and shelter on offer. Mice are also under constant threat from predators and so will only feel safe if they have somewhere secure and secluded to hide. They are likely to come in as the weather turns cold in search of dry harbourages or seeking new food sources.

Dry Rot in Whetstone

The village of Whetstone in Leicestershire is renowned as the site of the factory where Air Commodore Sir Frank Whitt le’s (OM KBE CB FRS FRAeS) jet engines were developed. He has been credited with single-handedly inventing the turbojet engine.

Termiban Breaks the Barrier

Termiban is an innovative termiticide. It breaks through the mentality and allows the pest control specialist to get the best results at minimal rates.Unlike conventional termiticides, which act by a repellent or immediate contact kill, termiban creates non-repellent Treated Zone in the soil that function as termite “killing field”.

The True Origin of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t a new phenomenon—they’ve been around for thousands of years. Many of you will remember being tucked up in bed and night with the familiar goodnight message from your parents “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Unfortunately while the problem of bed bugs was almost laid to rest in the 1950s there has been a resurgence in their numbers in recent years. Nearly every week an infestation finds its way into the news but we actually know very little about them.