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Cockroach Management

Cockroaches leave dark stains and foul odours leading to very unpleasant and unhygienic conditions. HYTECH cockroach Management INTELLIGEL Service provides total and effective control of cockroaches, red and black ants, silverfish, etc


Anti Termite Treatment

Termites are known to cause more damage than storms, floods and fire put together. A termite colony consists of the termite queen, soldiers and workers. A mature colony may have over a million termites residing in a termitaria. It is the subterranean termites, which pose major risk to structures in India.


  • Termiban is an innovative termiticide. It breaks through the ‘repellent barrier’ mentality and allows the pest control specialist to get the best results at minimal rates.

Bed Bugs Management

Bed bugs are a major resurgence for any residential or commercial establishment. If it is not treated early it can get worse. Generally bed bugs hide in below the beds or in sofa sets or in the cushions of the chair.


  • Bed bugs sucks blood at night when we are asleep. It causes swelling, skin irritation and subsequently allergy reaction in some people.

Wood Borer Treatment

When you find some yellow powders are discharged from your cupboards, tables or any wooden Structure you can be sure that your wood is infected by wood borers These Borers are Brown coloured And they come into your wood through veeners. These wood Borers eats up the wood from inside. The Borers are very strong in their nature so it needs a systematic treatment

Rodent Management

Rat control is based on the fact it is difficult to eliminate rat infestation in any premises. Rats keep coming in even if it is control once. Rat are prolific eaters of all eatable items so that rat control measures include elimination of food, water, and any harborage exist near your premises, which only helps them in the breeding process.Rats not only contaminate food but also damage many household items.


  • An absolutely new and highly effective treatment designed keeping human safety in mind
  • Area specific treatment regimens